VFR800 Wheel Conversion

This kit includes a new Honda VFR800 Black 5 spoke 5.5" x 17" Rear Rim, lug nuts, lug nut studs and we will machine your spindle and press in the studs.

The complete VFR800 Wheel Kit sells for $555 plus shipping.

(Please email us to confirm this price since Honda has been raising their price)

If you already have a VFR wheel we can do the machine work, press in the new Honda lugs & nuts for $160 plus shipping.

If you would like a different VFR style rear rim (ie. 8 spoke 5.5 or 5 spoke 5") please email for prices.

Also we can mount and balance a new tire on your new rim before it ships to you. Just let know what brand and model you are looking for so we can get prices for you.


Here is a picture of how your spindle will look after it has been machined and the lug bolts are pressed in.

One conflict that happens sometimes is the outside diameter of rotor bolt nuts hitting the VFR rim.

There is a simple fix for this, go to your local hardware store with the rotor bolt. You will find that stock nut that is hitting the rim is oversized and the standard nut that goes on it has a much smaller outside diameter or wrench size and will fit into the VFR wheel without any problem.

It does not happen on most Hawks but if it happens on yours you will know what to do.