What happens when I get a 90 VFR750 that had been sitting in someone garage for a few years? It becomes...

The VFR Project!

Now that I have been having such a good time riding this bike after finally getting back on the road and I hate to leave it at home on the days when I ride with my bicycle club after work...


I made a bike rack for it!

It is not on the bike all the time but works well when it is! When I switched the exhaust to the left side, it left a great mounting location. The stabilizing mount comes off the foot peg where the feeler screw goes in!

vfrlt1.jpg (70525 bytes)vfrrt2.jpg (68214 bytes)

I made a custom exhaust for lefty exit. Yes, you loose ground clearance but this is my cruiser bike not my RVF400RR or Hawk! Since I wanted it quiet for taking the wife for rides I am using a stock RC51 left muffler.

vfrf1.jpg (56682 bytes)vfrgauge.jpg (58939 bytes)

Aftermarket clip-ons were required to clear the gauges. The 929 brakes w/SS lines & front end work very nice!

Aftermarket rear shock was also installed.


Here are some early pics.

vfrlt.jpg (49890 bytes)vfrrt.jpg (67047 bytes)


frontend.jpg (67240 bytes)

CBR929RR Font end fits in with very little modification.

rwheel.jpg (61400 bytes)

VFR800 Black five spoke rim conversion.

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shifter.jpg (61123 bytes)

Making the bike have reverse shifting, with the help of a 929 pegs and lever.