So many of you have asked about the tail section on our race bike, that we now can offer it. This solo tail is ready to bolt on to our High Mount Sub-Frame and Hawk tank.  LED lights kits are currently available from other companies that well with this tail. Email us if you need any help finding them. Please let us know if you have any questions. 

HI/PER FORM Solo Tail sells for $195 plus shipping

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HRC Seat Pad

This is not the only option you can use on our tail section, but it is nice! 

hrcpad.jpg (50718 bytes)

HRC Pad $65.00

Racing High Mount Sub-Frame

The above sub-frame was the prototype. 

(Shown with optional shock reservoir mount) 

Below is the production units.

All sub-frame components are made of T6 6061 Aluminum and were CNC machined and then welded in a special jig to get a perfect fit.


Sub-frame weighs just over 3 pounds.

Polished finish option.

High strength Honda bolt kit included.

Racing High Mount Sub-Frame sells for $175 plus shipping.

Sub-frame Options:

Polished finish $35 extra

Our Remote shock reservoir mount $35 extra.

Please specify the diameter of your reservoir.


Many have asked about what to do with the battery and we have found there are 3 ways to mount it that work well.

1-Move the battery to the side of the motor  with one of our battery boxes.

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2- Run a smaller battery and mount it between the spars of the subframe.

3- Another way is to bolt or weld a piece of flat stock off the

back of the flat of the seat area of the subframe and mount the battery

under the hump of the tail section.



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