Hawk Engine Stand

Tired of having your engine tip over while trying to work on it or having it propped with wood?

I was, so we made this engine stand up.

It comes with the bolts that go though the motor too!

We leave them extra long so they are easy to grab and slide in or you can cut them down to what ever size you would like.

Stand sells for $50 unpainted or $60 painted plus shipping.


Honda Regulator/Rectifier Plug Repair Kit

If you have had the Honda reg/rec melt down then this a must for making a clean repair.

This fixes most of the Hondas, like the CBRs, VFRs, RVFs, Hawks and many more.

The kit comes with brand new plug, solder, heat shrink and even instructions!

I can also get the new style Honda regulator/rectifier to replace the bad unit too! Just email for more info.

Sells for $30 plus shipping.