Performance Exhaust Systems for the NT-650 Hawk


ThHere is the prototype of our new Twin Hawk Exhaust!

This is a equal length tapered twin exhaust with reverse cone megaphones.

This system can be made with longer or shorter megaphones depending on what you want for sound level.

We have mounted this with the Hiper Form subframe and a stock subframe.

The prototype is made out of steel but the production systems will be out of stainless steel.

There are some mods to the inner fender and the grab handle on subframe to make it work though. More info, dyno charts and better pictures coming soon.

Racers send your info, we are looking for a tester for it!

 Please let us know your thoughts on this new system!


Features for all 3 styles of exhaust include:

The best lean angle ground clearance

Equal length tapered head pipes

High Performance Merge Collector

Three exit options on the tail pipe - Right, Left or Under the Seat exit

All system are made out of Stainless Steel. Not only does it not rust but also does not crack like a titanium.

We feel the little bit of weight gain over ti, is worth it for a more durable pipe since twins tend to vibrate a bit!

Shown above is our very special merge collector.

This is a place that most production exhaust systems for the Hawk do not spend much time on and it is where a lot of power is made.

Our a merge collector has the best angles and knife edge inside for high efficiency scavenging from right and left sides.  This is where most of the power is made!

The picture is also threaded for O2 sensor that is an option that is available for an extra cost


Compared to other many other systems that use a standard collector by just take the two head and weld a "box" to bring the gases from the two pipes together.

Here is an example of a standard collector.



If you would ever like to change where the exhaust exits, you only have to buy the tail section for the conversion!

These are made to order and take 3-6 weeks depending on backlog. Please keep this in mind when ordering.

All styles are available with or with out a muffler. Please email for pricing for your configuration. 

Ceramic coating in many colors is an option. Contact us for more details if your interested.

Under the Seat Exit

Shown with an optional black ceramic coating. This coating is an extra cost.


* Designed for race trim, it will take extra work to make it street-able but many customers have done it!

Right Side High Exit

Three different mufflers are available for the right or left exit exhaust. 

The Round Canister (shown on the right exhaust that the customer polished), Oval Canister, or the megaphone.

The round canister will not work with the under the seat.


Here is a muffler bracket option for the right exit exhaust that one of our great customers came up with.

It was machined and then bent to come out to the muffler.

You can adjust the bent a bit for where you want the muffler location on your bike.

He made extra so we are offer them for sale on our site for him.

The pipe will normally just come with a flat stock strap that works fine but for those that want a very clean setup this maybe what you want.

We do not include this with the exhaust since it only works with stock subframe and many customers have already switched to aftermarket or the simple strap will just work fine.

If you have any questions on this please let us know.

Price $25


Left Side High Exit

Here are some pictures the one left exit exhaust.

This allows easy access to the rear wheel while still having great lean angle clearance compared to running under the swingarm. 

It can be made to work with the stock subframe / tail section but there are a few mods that will have to be done.

To do this the fuel pump needs to be relocated and the black inner fender will have to be trimmed for clearance where the pipe goes though in that area.

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